Terms and Conditions:

It is the user’s responsibility to understand and obey all laws regarding emergency warning devices’ use and application. The user should check all applicable city, state, and/or federal laws and regulations in order to ensure compliance. LCH LED. assumes no liability for any loss resulting from the use of the warning lights and products. Proper installation is vital to the performance of the warning devices and the safe operation of the vehicle. LCH LED upholds the right to adjust or change its policies and/or pricing at any given time without notice. LCH LED reserves the right to make improvements and upgrades without notice. No dealer, distributor, employee, or individual of the company is authorized to change the return or warranty policy or the conditions of the LCH LED warranty.


LCH LED Products have 2-Year and 1 year Replacement Limited Warranty

LCH LED carries a minimum 1-year limited warranty on all LED products for manufacturing defects or product failures. If you experience an issue with a product, a technician from our support team may be able to diagnose the issue. Technical support is available by phone, chat and email. The warranty is valid and only applies when LCH LED products are properly used for their intended applications

Products with one year limited warranty:
Car LED Bulbs in the Interior / Exterior LED Bulbs
C6 Light Bulbs in the Hi Low beam LED Category
Products in the LED Strip Lights Category
Products in the LED Custom Lights
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